Some Basic IP Principles 

Creations of the mind can be property.
Like real estate, jewelry or automobiles, works of creative expression, like music, brands and inventions can be owned, licensed or sold. 


The U.S. legacy of freedom of ideas and prosperity is built on intellectual property.
Inventions and creative expression come in many shapes and sizes. They are deserving of our respect even if we do not agree about their ownership or value.


IP affects everyone.
People, society and businesses all benefit from IP and reliable rights help to avoid disputes and encourage investment.


Knowing IP right from wrong is everybody’s responsibility.
Businesses, creators and consumers all need to do their part to make sure the knowledge economy we all live in runs smoothly.


Not getting caught does not make IP theft ethical, legal or acceptable. 
Creations that are in the public domain may not require a license to use or share, many others do.


Unauthorized use of IP is stealing.
Using someone’s IP without the right to is theft, even if it is unintentional. IP theft affects jobs, investment and the quality of innovation and freedom of expression.

IP Basics Awareness Central (IPABC) is provided by CIPU, an independent non-profit organization 
and a federally approved 51(c)(3).
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