Examples of IP

Finger Print Reader

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Apple's U.S. Patent No. 9,570,002 for an "Interactive display panel with IR diodes" details a touch display that incorporates micro-LED sensing technology instead of the ubiquitous active matrix hardware seen on most mobile devices.

The patent was granted February 14, 2017 and is currently used on all but a few iPhones and iPads.

Source: FiercePharma


A smartphone uses 10,000s of patents 

(some of the owners are below)

3D Printer

Issued in 1986, the patent for a 3D-printer was ahead of its time. The document outlines the basic technology used by most 3D printers: stereolithography, or light-solidification of resin. A moving platform takes inputs from a computer and positions the base under a nozzle. Liquid resin from the nozzle forms the object, layer by layer, which is solidified by UV light.



Company: Pfizer
2018 U.S. sales: $3.5 billion
Disease: Nerve pain and fibromyalgia
Patent expiration: June 30

First approved in 2004, the first Lyric generics were approved in July 2019.

Source: FiercePharma


Brands and Products

Apple Inc.:
the company

iPhone: the products and name


the company


the product


Google Maps:
the product

Intel inside® - phrase

is a trademarked marketing/branding term that distinguishes the brand of processor being used in a particular personal computer.

It does not protect the Intel processor or central processing unit (CPU) hardware inside. The CPU itself is covered under various patents.

Names of specific products that are not generic

Jet Ski®

Trademark registered: May 27, 1986

Owner: Kawasaki Heavy Industries, LTD

Generic term: personal watercraft

Bubble Wrap®

Trademark registered: August 2, 1983

Owner: Sealed Air Corporation

Generic term: inflated cushioning; packing material

Words and Phrases

super bowl.webp

Super Bowl.®

Just do it.®



Song: Bodak Yellow

Recording: Bodak Yellow

Performance: Cardi B performs Bodak Yellow at Global Citizens


Book: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

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Movie: Star Wars

Software: Google Chrome 


Gaming app: Gears of War

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Software: Office 365


Payment systems: Pay Pal

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