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Rising to the challenge


The Center for Intellectual Property Understanding (CIPU), in conjunction with the UC Berkeley-Haas School of Business and the Tusher Initiative for the Management of Intellectual Capital, is holding the third annual Intellectual Property Awareness Summit (IPAS 2020) on March 5th

IPAS 2020 is an international gathering of IP owners, organizations, educators, investors and thought-leaders all with a common goal – to make IP rights and intangible assets more intelligible. 

Raising awareness

U.S. leadership in science and technology, entertainment and brands is no longer assured.

A major reason is the widening gap between IP awareness and understanding. IPAS 2020 will examine domestic and global challenges to IP understanding, including patent uncertainty, rampant counterfeits, content abuse, digital rights and trade secret theft. 


​Following successful CIPU events in New York (IPAS 2018) and Chicago (IPAS 2017), IPAS 2020 in greater San Francisco will include lP speakers and participant from the U.S., Europe, and Asia.


US IP Stakeholders Seek To Strengthen Public Support For IP, Ensure Future US Competitiveness

United States IP stakeholders from academic, business and legal backgrounds gathered recently to discuss how to increase public support to strengthen the IP rights system in the US...

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ipas banner white_edited.png

Learn what businesses, nations and organizations are doing - and not doing - to convey the increasing importance of patents, trademarks and other assets.

Explore new ways to discuss the role of IP rights in promoting new ideas, creating  jobs and facilitating competition.  

Facilitating discussion 

IPAS 2020 will explore what IP owners, educators, investors and the media can do to provide a context for discussing IP rights and fostering respect.  


Who should attend? 

  • Businesses (all types & sizes)

  • IP owners 

  • Creators, including inventors & writers 

  • Organizations 

  • Educators

  • Students

  • Policymakers

  • Lawyers

  • Investors

  • Licensors

  • Journalists

  • Entrepreneurs 

Fostering IP literacy

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