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For Ai Discussion
The media and articles below are useful for discussing AI/IP panel topics:

Elon Musk sues OpenAI and CEO Sam Altman claiming betrayal of its goal to benefit humanity
Associated Press

In Latest A.I. War Escalation, Elon Musk Releases Chatbot Code
The New York Times

Not just generative AI:
15 Amazing Real-World Applications Of AI Everyone Should Know About

Artificial Intelligence, Explained (by an expert in AI policy)
Carnegie Mellon University

PODCAST: "Create, Invent, Track — Managing Digital Rights for IP and AI Value", Understanding IP Matters

Why I just resigned from my job in generative AI

Ed Newton-Rex, MBW

Should AI be Open-Source?
Wall Street Journal

When Your Technical Skills are Eclipsed,
Your Humanity Will Matter More Than Ever

The New York Times

Blinken Warns of Disinformation Threat to Democracies
The New York Times

Why Teaching Youth About Intellectual Property Principles Is Essential to Civilization’s Advancement
Laura Peter, ex-COO of the USPTO

Generative AI has an IP Problem

Harvard Business Review

AI's rapidly expanding role in healthcare
Forsee Medical

AUDIO: Will AI Kill the Future of Creative Arts? 
From AI-generated paintings to writing scripts and novels, AI is challenging our ability to create, innovate, and connect. Is AI a serious threat or just another device in the toolkit. 

VIDEO: Celebrated Illustrator and fine artist testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee about how AI is destroying careers
Karla Ortiz, July 12, 2023 

The SAG Deal Sends a Clear Message About AI and Workers

PODCAST: "AI Beyond ChatGPT — How a Healthcare Investor and INDYCAR Engineer are Taming Big Data"
Understanding IP Matters

From Patent "Trolls" to Content "Providers"- The High Return on
Controlling the Language of IP

IP CloseUp 

CIPU Survey Finds Fractured Views Among IP Community Over Negative Impacts of Infringement

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