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attendee RESOURCES

The following are helpful resources to consider before the panel discussions.

Entrepreneurship & Diversity

‘Why inventing for diversity and inclusion is so essential’ – Forbes, Stephen Key

‘USPTO has ways to improve patent diversity and inclusion’ - Bloomberg

The Diversity Pledge – Increasing Diversity in Innovation organization

‘Why don’t we build diverse teams if we know they’re better?’ – Jeremiah Chan

‘Study finds that black, Hispanic and women inventors lack opportunities and role models’ – IP CloseUp

‘Lost Einsteins: The U.S. may have missed out on millions of inventors’ – MIT Sloan

Dissecting the IP Disconnect

‘Now is the time to reimagine University IP Education’ – Dr. Gary Michelson, M.D.

‘Intellectual Property at Business Schools: An Evolving Landscape’ – CIPU

CIPU report on IP education at leading U.S. business schools:

‘None of the Top U.S. Business Schools Requires an IP Course to Graduate’

‘IP literacy is no longer just for law students’ – IP.Com

IP Literacy - Perspectives 


NFTs, Blockchain and Intellectual Property

The Latecomers Guide to Crypto - Sunday New York Times Supplement

NFTs Give Rise to Innovative New Business Models and Revenue Opportunities’ – Skadden Arps

‘NFTs, Cryptocurrencies and Web3 are multi-level marketing schemes for a new generation’ – The Wall Street Journal

Adding Data to Your IP Monetization Playbook - Efrat Kasznik

Tarantino ‘Pulp Fiction’ Dispute Spotlights the contentious relationship between NFTs and IP Rights – IPWatchdog
Academic Paper: The Bored Ape Business Model: Decentralized Collaboration via Blockchain and NFTs’ – Edward Lee
Teaming IBM’s blockchain with IPwe – IP CloseUp
NFT news source –
Ed Lee on crypto, web3 and NFTs.

Crypto and NFTs: Creators' Rights at the Crossroads - CIPU Podcast,
    'Understanding IP Matters'' 

China, Competition and IP Rights

Why China’s IP protection matters to Beijing & Washington– South China Post

‘China’s ambition to become an intellectual property nation in 15 years’ - Rouse

‘China’s IP, standards and innovation strategies’ National Bureau of Asian Research

Berkeley Research Group, David Teece:

‘Business Strategy and Intellectual Property in National Competitiveness: from Imitation to Innovation in China’

‘Decoupling with China is not the answer’ – James Pooley

China IPR - News and Perspective, Mark Cohen Editor


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